Democracy is evil.  Something that cuts down the extraordinary and raises up the ordinary by allowing them the same weight in elections and destroying the natural order of things is nothing but evil. 

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With this pregnancy, my gray hair just got insane and multiplied. I am using scarves to hide them. 


Ola Rudnicka in “I’ve Been Thinking About You” for Vamp Magazine #2, F/W 2014

Photographed by: Ward Ivan Rafik

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When people say white girls age fast, just remember Natalia Poklonskaya is 34.


my great aunt is 63 or so and looks like 30 something so these guys should shut the fuck up

slavic genes man

And Natalia Vodianova! Eternal child’s face :D


Anonymous asked:

How do you feel about the neo-nazis and white supremacists that tend to congregate in Norse pagan circles?




Hello Anon and thank you for the question.

I think that it is the single most toxic, destructive and damaging aspect that Norse Heathens will face in keeping the religion alive, helping it grow and gaining legitimacy.

If we cannot oust these types of undesirable people, who masquerade behind our faith and use it as an excuse for their unrelated agendas, then it will pollute Norse Heathenry so badly that no one will want to touch it.

Års og fred

Agreed. I am planning a blog post about this topic..



Légion des Volontaires Français contre le communisme

Légion des Volontaires Français contre le communisme


Légion des Volontaires Français contre le communisme


The media likes to portray the idea of racially mixed couples and kids being the pinnacle of beauty and progressivism, but behind all of the smiles on TV, there are tonnes of issues, both psychologically and genetically with it. There are also dangers especially for White women when it comes to…

Good times when people used to dress decently. Nowadays, they just cover themselves.

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Love everything about this. ♡

All these pics of pregnant cute women are just being registered in my mind, soon I can start to take similar ones for my second baby :)

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Anonymous asked:

I'm white and proud to attempt to be a 'race traitor'. White supremacy kills more people everyday than any other ideology on earth today. Genocides, blockades, embargoes, destruction of health care, water n food supplies u name it. N that's before we get to trigger happy cops. Dunno why I'm sayin this to u though. You're going to waste all yr life bein the way u are. How can u deliberately make your world so tiny? Aren't you tired of thinkin so small? WHO HURT YOU? Who. Hurt. You?!



Become self sufficient! It scares our government more than anything!


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